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The Background

lady with a medical oxygen maskSince the beginning of time we have been trying to find the answers for the reason for living. We also want to answer the question of what happens after we die. This movie attempts to answer the question, “What will we all experience beyond the grave?”

body rising after deathTowards the end of the twentieth century, doctors became aware of a phenomenon in which resuscitated patients reported Near Death Experiences, otherwise known as NDE’s, during which they encountered an after life reality. The phenomenon of NDE’s, in which individuals reported consciousness beyond clinical death, has been documented for centuries.

heaven and hellPatients report experiencing Heaven and Hell after clinical death, during NDE’s. What exactly is this phenomenon? Is this phenomenon the result of brain chemicals causing hallucinations, or are the patients experiencing reality?

The purpose of the documentary movie, The Final Frontier

This documentary movie, The Final Frontier, investigates the extraordinary and fascinating phenomenon of Near Death Experiences. The movie investigates, explains, and gives objective answers, to this astonishing phenomenon.

clinical deathThis movie records the experiences of individuals who have clinically died, and who crossed the Final Frontier of death, but returned to life to tell their amazing life changing experiences.

In this movie, patients who have been resuscitated following life threatening events document their experiences of Heaven and Hell, and also their encounters with Jesus Christ.

This documentary movie will open your eyes to a world beyond death, and may dramatically change your life here on Earth, and also in Eternity.

The Final Frontier Movie was produced by Johan Sturm of Eternal Productions, USA, ( to explain the phenomenon of Near Death Experiences to a world wide audience. Johan Sturm is a personal friend of Dr Richard Kent, of the Final Frontier Charitable Trust, UK Charity Number 110663.

Johan Sturm has kindly given permission for this movie, The Final Frontier, to be freely video streamed world wide by the Final Frontier Charitable Trust.

Former civilisations have expounded their theories about life after death

Earlier civilisations were fascinated by life after death, as have been philosophers, artists and playwrights through the ages. All have expounded their theories of life after death. The NDE phenomenon has been reported for centuries.

The medical profession has recently become aware of the reality of NDE’s

Towards the end of the 20th century doctors became aware of resuscitated patients recounting their experiences after clinical death. With the arrival of new technology and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation the medical profession has been faced with the reality of these experiences.

These patients recorded an after death consciousness and an expanded reality.

Doctors labelled this experience The Lazarus Phenomenon, after the Biblical Lazarus, who was brought back to life by Jesus Christ four days after his death.

Dr Maurice Rawlings

Interviews with five medical doctors

The subject of Near Death Experiences is studied in great detail, and the following five medical doctors are interviewed in depth:

  • Dr Maurice Rawlings, Specialist Cardiologist at the Diagnostic Centre of Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.
  • Dr James Winnery, Head of the US Air Force Aeronautical Research Unit, USA.
  • Dr Melvine Morse, of the Seattle Children’s Hospital, USA.
  • Dr Tony Lawrence, of Coventry University, UK.
  • Dr Richard Kent, retired General Practitioner, UK.

In addition Kevin Williams, NDE Researcher in the USA, is interviewed.

Two individuals recount their experiences after clinical death of Heaven and Hell.

Ian McCormackIan McCormack of New Zealand died in Mauritius after stings from the highly venomous box jelly fish. He relates his personal experiences of Heaven and Hell.

ronald reagan (not that one)Ronald Reagan of the USA (no relation to the former President) relates his experiences of Hell, after dying in an ambulance following injuries sustained in a fight.

Added credibility given to the NDE experience

The phenomenon of NDE’s was given considerably more credibility when Maria, a migrant worker from Eastern Europe, died in an Intensive Care Unit in Seattle. Following her resuscitation she described to the medical staff her out of body experiences both on the ceiling of the ICU, and also above the hospital itself. She also described a tennis shoe, which, she claimed, had been left on the roof of the hospital.

The medical staff were shocked to discover that the tennis shoe was in fact present on the roof of the hospital, which Maria had no way of knowing, other than through her NDE experiences.

The research of Dr Maurice Rawlings

to hell and back bookDr Maurice Rawlings is a world expert on Near Death Experiences, and the author of three books on the subject. Dr. Rawlings was also is the former Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He was also the former personal physician at the Pentagon for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

After a lifetime of studying NDE’s, Dr Rawlings comments on the movie, “You are on to a subject that is important to every individual present. Is it safe to die? Do I know where I am going before I get there? That is the question.”

The research of Dr Tony Lawrence, University of Coventry, UK

After researching NDE’s in great detail, Dr Lawrence concludes,

“In terms of the consistency of the testimonies in Near Death Experiences, it suggests that the experience is a reality which is not purely the product of brain chemicals. We know from the studies of the effects of drugs, ordinarily, if you give one person a drug, and then give the same drug to another person, there are two completely different experiences.
There might be broad similarities, but not the level of consistency you find with the Near Death Experience”.

The research of Kevin Williams, NDE researcher, USA

kevin williamsAfter many years studying NDE’s, Kevin Williams concludes, “When we die we take that Heaven and Hell with us, and we fit where we belong. We die the life we live”.

The research of Dr Melvin Morse, Children’s Hospital, Seattle, USA

melvin morseYoung children have been studied in detail by Dr Melvine Morse of the Seattle Children’s Hospital. In the movie, Dr Morse describes the experiences of an 8 year old boy who he personally resuscitated in the lobby of his hospital, following cardiac arrest. After the resuscitation, the boy described the attending doctors as “sucking me back into my body”. The boy went on to describe that he was on the ceiling of the lobby, surrounded by a white light, and noted the early baldness of one of the doctors.

Dr Morse also describes another boy who experienced an NDE in a drowning experience. The boy explained that he was drowning, when “hands reached into my body, and pulled me out of my body”.

According to Dr Morse these experiences have been experienced by a large number of children in his care. The children’s experiences would not have been influenced by pre-existing Biblical conceptions of life after death because of their young ages.

According to Dr Morse, the NDE is “the last experiences that we will all experience, as documented by 15 years of main stream scientific research”. Dr Morse believes that the NDE is the normal dying experience that we will all experience. He says that in the process of dying, the dying person has a complete return to consciousness.

Furthermore they have an acute awareness of what is going on around them, even if they appear to be comatose, and have an expanded sense of consciousness which extends beyond their own body. Dr Morse states that when we die, we are alert, conscious, aware of this reality, and perceive another reality superimposed over this one. In the case of the children he has personally researched, these NDE’s occur at the point of death.

Ongoing research by IANDS, The International Association for Near Death Studies

NDE’s have also been study extensively by IANDS, the International Association for Near Death Studies, founded in 1980. Numerous studies have been made on patients who experienced Out Of Body Experiences whilst undergoing life saving surgery. They discovered that those patients who had experienced Out Of Body Experiences gave startlingly accurate descriptions of what the surgery or treatment entailed, including giving precise details of data readouts on the electrical equipment during the operation. Because of the phenomenon of NDE’s the concept of extended consciousness beyond clinical death had moved beyond religious belief to verifiable scientific fact.

There has also been a study of people who have had cardiac arrests or heart attacks. About 15% of them experienced NDE’s. This group of people were studied for up to seven years in prospective or controlled studies. They were found to be a very different group from those who did not experience NDE’s. They tended to have a more spiritual belief system, a much lower fear of death, a much less materialistic view of the world, and were much more interested in religion. In addition, their NDE’s changed their lives dramatically.

The NDE experience is very common. The pattern of the NDE experience is very consistent, and its continued effect on people is profound. For this reason alone NDE’s are something that change the lives of a great number of people in a major way.

The research of Dr James Winnery of the United States Air Force

james winneryDr James Winnery, Head of the US Air Force Aeronautical Research Unit, has made come up with some fascinating insights related to loss of consciousness. Dr Winnery works specifically with fighter pilots exposed to acceleration stresses up to 9G. His job is to put protective measures in place, in order to protect pilots against gravitational stress, and to ensure their safety.

In the course of his work he uses sophisticated equipment intended to simulate high gravitational stresses, as are commonly experienced by fighter pilots.

During the tests in high gravity simulators, the pilots lost consciousness as blood flow to their brains ceased, due to the high gravitational forces. As the pilots lost consciousness, they had Out Of Body Experiences.

Dr Winnery noted that the experiences of individuals who reported NDE’s after cardiac arrest had a strong correlation with the experiences of his own fighter pilots.

Dr Winnery says that, “as a traditional scientist, these experiments add tremendous credibility to the NDE phenomenon.” He says that individual’s accounts of NDE’s should be listened to very closely, because their stories are very accurate, as demonstrated by his experiments on pilots.

Ongoing research on NDE’s

Research proves that NDE’s are legitimate. It is estimated that between 12 and 15 million Americans have had NDE experiences. This is such an enormous number of shared experiences, that there is no question that it makes sense to study it. It is an incredible phenomenon, and the implications are enormous.

The research and free e-books of Dr Richard Kent, UK

In the movie, NDE’s are discussed in detail by Dr Richard Kent, a retired general practitioner in the UK. Dr Kent has researched over 300 patients who have had NDE’s, some of which are published entirely free in his two e-Books The Final Frontier and Beyond The Final Frontier on this web site.

He believes that the NDE phenomenon holds the very clear message that life after death is a reality. He believes that life after death is a reality, mainly because of the Bible, but also because of the abundant scientific research, and the experiences of those who have witnessed Heaven and Hell through their own NDE experiences.

He believes we should all think very carefully about our own lives whilst still in this life, to ensure that we go to Heaven when we die.

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